Flexible Hose

A flexible hose comprises a wide range of tubes designed for the transfer of air, fluids, liquids, gases, particles, and powders in various diameters. Most of these products are made from PVC, and in other cases, they are made from materials like canvas, fabric, silicone, galvanized sheet, and metals.

Each of these products is manufactured and produced for specific purposes. For example, concrete flexible hoses are used for transporting concrete, agricultural flexible hoses for water transfer, oil-water flexible hoses for transporting oil materials, canvas flexible hoses for smoke transfer, PVC and PU flexible hoses, as well as suction hoses in livestock and carpentry industries for transferring straw, wood shavings, and similar materials. Coiled water hoses with springs are used for transporting materials and fluids in the food industry, hood pipes and computer hood pipes are used in domestic kitchen hoods, aluminum flexible hoses are used for air transfer in industrial kitchens, mining flexible hoses are used for improper air discharge in mines, and silicone flexible hoses are used for high-temperature air transfer.

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