Combi Flexible Air Duct

Price Range: $10.70 - $189.90 USD

Five-foot lengths up to 16″ diameter and within California take up to 2 days to get delivered.
If you are in any other state it takes less than a week.
Orders above 40 linear feet take a week to get shipped.

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Combi flexible channel has an aluminum layer laminated with polyester along with a PVC coating layer (110 microns), which steel wire spirally wraps around it and gives it the necessary strength against tearing and impact. This product has a different and exclusive adhesive formula that has a much higher heat resistance and useful life compared to similar products. The aluminum thickness of this product can be changed depending on the customer’s order.


  • Very flexible, lightweight with easy installation
  • Resistant to moisture and corrosion
  • Resistant to sunlight
  • Fire resistant
  • Low cost for indoor spaces
  • Low pressure drop


This product is used in ducting return air systems and also for spaces where ducting is difficult. Combi flexible channel can be used for air transfer in air conditioning system, cooling and heating system, portable water coolers and in all construction projects as well as outdoors and greenhouses.


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combi flexible airduct
Combi Flexible Air Duct