Custom Piece

Price Range: $10.70 - $189.90 USD

Five-foot lengths up to 16″ diameter and within California take up to 2 days to get delivered.
If you are in any other state it takes less than a week.
Orders above 40 linear feet take a week to get shipped.

We've got you covered with our hassle-free 60-day return policy.


Galvanized spiral air connections that can be custom ordered, including unique shapes like panium boxes and irregular pieces for round ducts, offer tailored solutions for specific HVAC requirements. Crafted to precise specifications from galvanized sheet metal, these custom connections ensure a perfect fit, optimizing airflow and system performance. They’re ideal for accommodating irregular layouts or overcoming challenging design constraints in industrial and commercial ventilation systems. These customized galvanized connections enhance efficiency and provide versatility, allowing HVAC professionals to meet specific project demands and maintain the highest standards of air quality and energy efficiency.


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Custom Piece